Our Changing Climate

“Climate Change is not a political issue…it is a human right to be free from the effects of it.” Brad Follett, 2017


Would you not agree that one of the most pressing issues of our time is Climate Change? Not just to say one's local climate but our global climate and how it has changed, why and what can be done about it.


Soon to be released ─ is a Position Paper entitled “Our Changing Climate.” The paper discusses never before topics contained within the same document; explaining what science is and where it came from, weather, global warming and climate change.


It will discuss our national and global interest in correcting climate change. It is a must read and call to action for all especially the current administration.


If you are interested in receiving a PDF of this paper, please send an email with your name to info@earth-month.org Your generous support for our work is also appreciated.