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April was our 45th Anniversary! This years theme has not yet been developed as we are seeking public input for a topic to be sent in by email. The winner will be selected by a public accountant and notification made to the winner for credit to be posted and receive the 2016 apparel jacket. Hurry for your entries.


In 2015 we rolled out the theme Our Planet In Peril. There are literally hundreds of problems and issues plaguing our global environment, i.e., climate change, global warming and their effects; and the continuation of polluting our delicate ecosystem  just to mention a few. So how do we continue to resolve them?


One of our major goals as a not-for-profit IRS 501(c)(3) PC organization of Earth Month Network, Inc. is to help mobilize grass roots programs: in part to eradicate "Environmental Apathy" by providing needed: Awareness, Knowledge, Education, Stewardship and Activism towards global environmental issues. We are the "original Earth Month" and after 45 years now, there is still much work to be completed. Earth Month® is Every Month!


The theme for last year was premised around Our Planet In Peril and building upon Returning to Nature. In doing so we explored Sustainability roots and where it is going.... by

"The 10 R's of Sustainability©"  within the natural, physical, cultural, social and economic realm. Were you able to utilize them and expand them into best business practices?


What are you doing for Earth Month? 

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