Intervention Request in behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses Within the Russian Federation
Russia’s Ministry of Justice (Ministry) has filed a claim with the Supreme Court, seeking “to declare the religious organization, the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses, extremist, ban its activity, and liquidate it.” On March 15, 2017, the Supreme Court posted notice on its official website that it had received the claim from the Ministry. The Administrative Center later received notice that the Supreme Court will consider the liquidation claim and has scheduled a hearing for 10:00 a.m. on April 5, 2017.
Public JW Russian Intervention.pdf
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Education On The Environment K-12 Initiative
Establishing the Blueprint to Building Better Education with the emphasis on Natural, Physical, Cultural, Social and Economic Environs through the process of Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration
Arizona Education on the Environment.pdf
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Formal Complaint to FAA NextGen
FAA Complaint for website.pdf
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Health Concerns FAA NextGen
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We help where the need is greatest.


Arizona has the following tasks: 

  • Arizona Education on the Environment Initiative K-12
  • Every Life Matters: gun safety and balanced use of guns 
  • Phoenix Brownfield Projects
  • Air and Water Quality
  • Water Conservation
  • Complaint to FAA on NextGen Metroplex

National Projects:


  • Comprehensive Environmental Education & Programs K-12
  • Water Conservation
  • Drinking water standards
  • FAA NextGen Metroplex Process
  • Waste discharge standards
  • TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline (2017) & Planned pipeline to California
  • Removal of CO2 in the production of and in oil products 


Global Projects:


  • Human Rights Violations In Russia, South Korea, and Etritea. 
  • Climate Science and Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice, Civil Rights and Liberties, Human Rights
  • Potable Water, a human right for 3rd world rural and remote areas

  • Organic Farming/Gardening
  • Protection of Wildlife and limit big game hunting.
  • Awareness, Knowledge, Education, Stewardship and