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April 2019 was the 49th  Anniversary of Earth Month®. People from all over the globe shared their input on this year’s theme. Many from all age groups and backgrounds have one common thread to share: with all the advancements over the years many are still living in the dark as to our total environment; lacking simple awareness of issues and a direction to take. This is in part due to the increase in population density, industrialization, climate change, and apathy.


For these and many more reasons, the Earth Month Network has continued and developed this year’s theme as:


   "Plastic... More Than Pollution"


In 2017 EMN awarded Dr. Sherri A. Mason with its Environmental Excellence award for her valued research in plastic pollution. This set the footing for continuing this vital issue and keep the momentum going. Last year many NGO's and joined the bandwagon with us in on our them of Plastic Pollution. It is only fitting with new developments and the importance of the issue that it remains in the fore for greater results.


We will expand and identify examine various forms of plastic and other related materials, their history and how they pollute in both fresh and salt waters and other areas; the harm it causes to our precious environment and ultimately human health. 


As a result, a global response continues as businesses, corporations, industries, governments place restrictions or our-right bans on single-use plastic items.


                                            . . . 


One of our major goals as a not-for-profit IRS 501(c)(3) PC organization of Earth Month Network, Inc. is to help mobilize grassroots programs: in part to eradicate "Environmental Apathy" by providing needed: Awareness, Knowledge, Education, Stewardship, and Activism towards global environmental issues. We are the "original Earth Month" "Earth Month®brand and after 48 years now, there is still much work to be completed. Earth Month® is Every Month!


What are you doing for Earth Month 2019 and the full year to come? Our work is vital, and we need your financial support to continue the good work...please help us make a difference!


Thank You! 

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