You can help us build new and advanced Earth Month activities globally!

Earth Month Network, Inc. (EMN) is a small non-profit, IRS charitable 501(c)(3) organization that operates the legal affairs of Earth Month® with 100% volunteerism. Our officers, staff and other volunteers do not receive compensation for their time, energy and laborious work. This means we can accomplish a lot without the same type of overhead a for-profit or non-profit has with paid officers and staff. Yet, the work must go on and the bills must get paid.

Every day of each month, Earth Month Network expands in one way or another to bring about Awareness, Knowledge, Education, Stewardship and Activism, to individuals, businesses, and government on environmental issues globally, and available to 196 countries.

Moving forward in our 46th year, we are expanding the need for involvement in the physical and natural environments, but just as important are social, cultural and economic environs. The basic concepts of “The 10-R’s of Sustainability” is moving rapidly.  The need in Human, Civil and Constitutional Rights are also a vital part for those who cannot speak for themselves.

We want and need to make a greater impact. Your generous donation will support our efforts including but not limited to those on our projects page of which to help others. Please join with us today in proclaiming our motto: Earth Month is Every Month”

To make a donation offline please make cashier’s check, money order or check payable/send to:


Earth Month Network, Inc.

44920 W. Hathaway Ave. #60

Maricopa, AZ 85139






We also accept automobile donations to be "renewed and resold" from your local area as a means to support our efforts with your tax deductible donation.


For dealer and program car donations please Email us with details.


Thank You!